"God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it".
Daniel Webster


We prefer that you use your own handguns, however we do have loaners available if needed. You are responsible for the ammo in either case. More information can be found on the "Range Procedures" page.


The following procedures (DPS registration and fingerprints) are NOT mandatory to complete before taking the class.

The Texas Department of Public Safety strongly urges all new applicants complete the paperwork of the application process on their web site: . During this online registration with DPS, you will be requested to provide a credit card number for the state fees.

DPS only accepts fingerprints from one company. Your prints are electronically scanned and transmitted to DPS. All other fingerprint cards (images) from any other source, including Law Enforcement Agencies, will be rejected. In order to have your fingerprints taken and processed by FAST, you will need to make an appointment at one of their locations. The appointment can be made online: FAST (click here to be taken to their website, then scroll down to the Southern area and find San Antonio). The cost is $9.99. It is advisable to process the DPS online registration first, print out the bar-coded receipt and take with you when you have your prints taken.


Passport photos are NO longer required to be submitted with the training form we give you after class. DPS will use your drivers license photo. The only exception to this will be if you are applying as an out of state resident and therefore have an out of state driver's license.


Out of state residents may now obtain a Texas concealed handgun license. They will need a current valid driver's license from the state they are a resident of, will need to take the class in Texas and submit two (2) passport type photos.


In the event an applicant cannot complete the online application, you must submit, by mail, the downloaded registration forms (Downloadable Forms Here). On receipt of the hardcopy registration forms, DPS will respond, via mail, with a reference number. You can then make the appointment to obtain your fingerprints.

Please understand, none of the above actions exempt you from attending the class and the handgun qualification.