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1) What is this I hear about not having to attend a class or requalify if I am renewing my license 1) Effective September 1, 2013, renewals do NOT need to take a class or requalify. Please read the Renewal page for more clarification.

2) Which States have official reciprocity with Texas? 2) Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado* (?), Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas*, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan*, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming.
*Colorado, *Kansas and *Michigan will honor a TX CHL only if carried by a TX RESIDENT.
Please see the DPS web site for further information.

3) If I have a Texas Concealed Handgun License and I am traveling to another state that Texas has official reciprocity with, which state's laws prevail? 3) The state you are visiting.

4) In Texas, if unlicensed and traveling with a handgun in your vehicle, are you unlawfully carrying? 4) No, but you must leave your weapon in your car except at home or office.

5) Is the San Antonio City Ordinance, which states you may not carry a loaded long gun (rifle/shotgun) while in the city limits, negated by a concealed handgun license? 5) No, the Texas Concealed Handgun law does not address long guns.

6) What type of gun should I qualify with? 6) A 32 caliber or up.

7) Do I have to register the gun I qualify with? 7) Absolutely not. The Texas Concealed Handgun law is not intended to cause the registration of handguns.

8) Do I have to be an expert shot? 8) No. There are many people who take the course who have had very little experience with marksmanship. The designed course of fire for qualification is very easy. I do suggest you should be familiar with your gun of choice and should fire some practice rounds before attending the class.

9) I received my full application package from DPS a long time ago, but did not take the class. Is this package still good? 9) Not really as all the forms have changed. The new forms can be downloaded from the DPS web site, however DPS prefers the applicant register on line at their web site: www.texasonline.com

10) What happens during the class?10) The class consists of a curriculum developed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It consists of certain elements which are addressed during class. These include Dispute Resolution, Force and Deadly Force, Range Safety, Basic Marksmanship and Range Qualification.

11) Is there a test and is it hard?11) Yes, there is a written test, but no, it is not hard. There is no reason for anybody to not pass. All questions are discussed during class.

12) What is and how long does the entire process take to obtain a license?12) After attending the mandatory class and once DPS receives your completed application package, your license is generally issued within 60 days.

13) What is the length of the class?13) The Texas Concealed Handgun law mandates the class has to be a minimum of 4 to 6 hours not including range time.

14) Do I need to own a gun to get a license?14) No, in the event you are waiting to purchase a gun, you may rent one of my semi automatics to qualify.

15) What is the course of fire?15) The course of fire is designed by DPS as follows: 20 rounds from the 3 yard line, 20 rounds from the 7 yard line and 10 rounds from the 15 yard line. Each of these are broken up into different phases of timed fire.

16) I had a DWI conviction 8 years ago, can I still get a license?16) Yes. DWI (first) is a Class A Misdemeanor. An applicant cannot have a Class A, B or C (Disorderly Conduct Only) misdemeanor conviction within the last 5 years of application date, however, 2 convictions for DWI within a 10 year period is disqualifying for 10 years from the date of the first conviction.

17) Will I need a Texas Driver's License?17) No, you may now use a valid out-of-state driver's license to obtain a Texas CHL.

18) Can my friend and I qualify with the same weapon?18) Yes. The course of fire is done in a succession of relays so your friend and yourself could fire the same weapon on different relays.

19) Is there a senior citizens discount?19) Yes, if you are 60 years of age or older when the application is received by DPS, the state fee is $70.00 instead of the usual $140.00. Our discounts are posted on our website.